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Process to quantify cost of response time by load testing with mercury interactive products such as loadrunner


We are passionate about load testing and system performance, and we want to contribute to the success of your enterprise.


Load and performance testing is more than just driving load during the testing phase of application development.  It’s about utilizing repeatable tests with monitoring and diagnostics to quickly quantify, isolate and remediate problems throughout the development process and into production.


Our methodical approach to identifying and tackling performance problems can deliver outstanding performance gains, and has been used by government departments and companies in the finance, insurance, retail, telecommunications, education and transportation sectors.  We are an Endorsed Supplier to Australian Government.


Free Services:

Utilize the information in this web site for information on how load testing works. 


Encourage your technical staff to consider the Types Of Tests documented in this site.


Learn about the technology used to execute load tests.


Learn what Repsonse Time is, and how it can be described.


Check back soon for a section on analyzing load test results.


Paid Services:


Engage one or more of our services


For Companies with an office in Melbourne, consider our Back Fill Contingency service.


Utilize our servers if you need more computing power for a test. (We have multiple dual xeon servers for projects that we are actively involved in).


RPM Solutions  Pty Ltd is a HP Business Partner and provides  load testing and performance test consulting services to  facilitate optimization of corporate information technology at a variety of levels, from low level infrastructure testing to time critical business process validation.  We can design, build and execute tests of any technology that must perform under load.   We can also assist an existing team with load test mentoring, peer reviews and short term back-fill.

RPM Solutions specialize in various types of load and performance tests using LoadRunner, an advanced load and performance testing tool, developed by HP.   RPM Solutions uses the following LoadRunner components. 

  1. Virtual User Generator (VUGen) to simulate the actions of a users, at a protocol level. Examples of protocols that RPM Solutions Pty Ltd can develop load test scripts for are, web, Oracle, Citrix, Siebel, SAP, mySAP, COM/DCOM, ODBC, Terminal Emulation, Windows Sockets)

  2. Controller, to can manage many (even thousands) of VUGen sessions concurrently.
  3. Monitors to 'see' what happening in the system under test.
  4. Analysis engine, to pinpoint bottlenecks and identify performance issues.

We can review your test documentation, to ensure that it clearly states the pertinent performance related questions that need to be asked, as well as verifying that your tests are designed to answer those questions.  We can review individual VUGen scripts, LoadRunner Controller Scenarios and Analysis Results to ensure that load test results have integrity so that the entire performance testing cycle is validated. 

Reviews can be conducted, as a peer review, in mentor mode so that information is passed back to test specialists to enhance their testing capacity, or in external review mode where emphasis is on validation of external testing services, so that information passed back assists you in managing the out-sourced testing process.  We particularly recommend the mentor mode peer review in situations where an individual, or very small team, is developing and executing significant LoadRunner tests.

The principles of load testing distill down to mathematics and common sense, and are not limited to computer based systems.  Queuing theory mathematics forms the basis of capacity planning and load and performance testing, and has been long used in any situation where expensive resources are used to generate revenue, whether those resources be bank tellers servicing its customers, factory machines manufacturing product or  mail sorting machines within the postal service.  For these type of situations, paper based assessments of performance capability have traditionally been performed, and we can still perform such paper based assessments if the need arises today, in situations where computing based load testing is not possible.

In summary, if you have a situation where your organization needs to maximize return on investment of any valuable processing resource, then we can assist in developing and executing or validating a cost effective load testing strategy.


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